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The site and E-Commerce Store at is run by Lara Lévai Sp. z o.o. headquartered in Wrocław (postal code: 50-347), ul. Sienkiewicza 116/4, registered in the National Court Registry by the Regional Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, VI Commerce Department of the National Court Registry, ID number KRS: 0000756508, NIP:  8982246556, REGON: 381757133, email: 

The Privacy Policy defines the principles of processing and protecting Users’ personal data and the principles of storing and accessing information on User Devices by means of Cookies files, which serve the purpose of providing services provided electronically by the Administrator.

If you have any questions, comments or proposals regarding this privacy and cookie policy, please contact the Administrator.


  1. The Administrator or Lara Lévai refers to Lara Lévai Sp. z o.o. headquartered in Wrocław (postal code: 50-347), ul. Sienkiewicza 116/4, registered in the National Court Registry by the Regional Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, VI Commerce Department of the National Court Registry, ID number KRS: 0000756508, NIP:  8982246556, REGON: 381757133, email: that is providing electronic services, stores data and receives consent to access information on the Users’ Devices. 
  2. Cookies – refers to IT data, in particular small text files, stored on the Devices through which the User uses the Website pages.
  3. Website – refers to the website under which the Administrator runs the Internet service, operating under the domain name:
  4. Device – refers to the electronic device with which a User gains access to the Website. 
  5. Terms of Use – refers to the Terms of Use for the Website
  6. User – refers to an entity to which, in accordance with the Terms of Use and legal regulations, services may be provided by electronic means.
  1. Lara Lévai is the administrator of the collection of personal data provided by Users in connection with their registration on the Website.
  2. This Privacy Policy applies if you use the Site to purchase Lara Lévai products, contact us via email, social media, the contact form on the Site, or receive emails from us.
  3. Lara Lévai processes the following personal data of Users:
    a) when ordering Goods on the Website: name, surname, e-mail address, postal address, shipping address, telephone number, information on orders and purchases, bank account number when making payments by bank transfer;
    b) when using the contact form on the Website and electronic correspondence: name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address.
  4. Lara Lévai uses personal data to make Lara Lévai’s services available to the Users, i.e. to process orders, returns and complaints, to process data for accounting and tax purposes and to contact Users, including sending e-mails in connection with the execution of the transaction or prior to its conclusion. The basis for data processing is the processing necessary for the performance of the contract or to take action at the request of the data subject prior to the conclusion of the contract (basis of Article 6(1)(b) of GDPR), and in certain cases, the legal basis may also be a specific legal provision that allows Lara Lévai to process data in order to comply with a legal obligation – e.g. accounting and tax regulations (basis of Article 6(1)(c) of GDPR).  
  5. Lara Lévai uses your personal data to contact you, for example via e-mail, and to respond to social media posts that have been made to Lara Lévai, to improve the performance of its services, to inform you about changes and to provide explanations and information. The data processing is based on Lara Lévai’s legitimate interest (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR).
  6. Lara Lévai requires the User to provide personal data that is necessary for the performance of the contract – the performance of services or the execution of an order. In the event that this information is not provided by the User, Lara Lévai will not be able to fulfil its services or orders. If required by law, e.g. tax law, Lara Lévai may also require the provision of other necessary data. Except as provided above, the provision of personal data by the User is voluntary.
  7. Lara Lévai entrusts personal data for processing to service providers who perform certain duties and functions on behalf of Lara Lévai. Lara Lévai provides the data to service providers that support the website, operate online media channels and social media, make payments for orders, provide data storage services, provide courier services, provide accounting services and provide legal services to Lara Lévai. Lara Lévai entrusts to the service providers mentioned above only such data as is necessary for the proper performance of the services for or on behalf of Lara Lévai. In the case of data transfers, Lara Lévai ensures that the service provider processes the data in a secure manner and does not use the data for purposes other than the provision of services to Lara Lévai.
  8. Lara Lévai does not share personal data with entities other than the service providers described in the above paragraph, except in cases where it is necessary in connection with legal regulations or the decision of the authorities, and when it is necessary to establish, exercise or defend Lara Lévai’s rights.
  9. Lara Lévai does not transfer personal data outside the territory of the European Union.
  10. Lara Lévai processes the personal data of the Users only for the period necessary for the proper performance of the agreements with the Users, i.e. the provision of services, as well as the handling of orders and complaint processes, the assertion of claims in connection with the performance of the agreement, as well as for the period resulting from the obligations imposed on Lara Lévai by law (e.g. for the performance of tax and accounting obligations in accordance with applicable law for a period of 5 years), only to the extent necessary. For marketing purposes, data is stored for the duration of the contract or until the User objects to such processing.
  11. Lara Lévai ensures that appropriate technical and organisational safeguards are in place to ensure that personal data are processed with the appropriate level of security.
  12. Users have the right to access their personal data, including requesting information about their data or providing copies of their data, processed by Lara Lévai.
  13. Users have the right to correct their personal data in case the data is incomplete, outdated or incorrect.
  14. Users have the right to object to the processing of their personal data by Lara Lévai. a) Objection to “marketing”: you have the right to object to the processing of your data for the purpose of direct marketing. b) Objection on grounds of a special situation: Users also have the right to object to the processing of his or her data on the basis of a legitimate interest for purposes other than direct marketing and if the processing is necessary for the performance of a public interest task. The specific situation justifying Lara Lévai’s cessation of the objectionable processing must then be pointed out. Lara Lévai will stop processing the User’s data for these purposes unless Lara Lévai demonstrates that the grounds for processing by Lara Lévai take precedence over the rights of the User or that the data are necessary for Lara Lévai to establish, enforce or defend its claims.
  15. You have the right to request that Lara Lévai limit the processing of your personal data.
  16. Users have the right to request the removal of their personal data.
  17. Users have the right to request the transfer of their personal data to the User or to an indicated third party.
  18. Users have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection supervisory authority for the jurisdiction of the Republic of Poland: Office of Personal Data Protection (UODO), ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw, Poland, website: Information regarding data protection authorities in other European Union member states can be found here:


  1. Data collected with the use of cookies (in accordance with § 3 of the Privacy Policy) may be collected by the Administrator only to ensure certain functionalities for the User on the Website.
  2. The Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for User Devices. It is not possible to transfer viruses or other unwanted software or malicious software to the User Devices. Cookies allow the Website to identify software used by the User and adjust the Website to the individual needs of each User. Cookies usually contain the name of the domain they come from, the time of storing them on the Devices and an assigned value.
  3. The Administrator collects information by means of Cookies files stored on User Devices, intended for use on websites.
  4. The Administrator collects information by means of cookies for the following purposes:
    a) in order to adjust the services provided within the Service to individual preferences and needs of Users and to optimize the use of the Service;
    b) to compile general and anonymous statistics about your use of the Service, through analytical tools that help you understand how you use the Service, thereby improving the structure and content of the Service;
    c) in order to provide advertising services – to present advertising content tailored to the User’s preferences.
  5. The Administrator collects information using the following categories of cookies:
    a) temporary files, which remain on the User Device usually until the closing of the Internet browser. When you close the browser, the files are deleted. These cookies are used by the Administrator, among other things, to store the User’s data.
    b) fixed files, which remain on the User Device for a specified period of time or until they are deleted by the User. After closing the browser, the files are not deleted.
  6. Using the Website without changing the settings of your browser concerning cookies means that they will remain on your Device.
  7. You can change your settings for cookies at any time. You can prevent or restrict the placement of cookies on your Device by changing your browser settings. Detailed information on how to change the settings of cookies can be found in the settings of your Internet browser.
  8. Disabling or limiting the Internet browser’s option to store cookies does not prevent Users from using the Website, however, it may have an impact on some of the functionalities available on the Website.
  9. The above information will be processed for technical purposes related to ensuring proper functioning of the Service and statistical purposes. The legal basis for data processing is the legitimate interest of the Administrator (the basis of Article 6(1)(f) of GDPR).

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