How to buy a wedding dress

Wondering how to choose your dream dress? We’ll help you right away!


Choose a style

Check out the newest trends

Learn about the newest trends, but remember that the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable. Take a look at our advice on choosing a wedding dress here.

Match the style to your figure

Each body shape has its own favourite cuts, which emphasize its good sides and cover up its less desirable elements. Think about which dresses you feel comfortable and attractive in.

Define your style

If you prefer to dress simply then you will not feel your best in a heavily decorated wedding dress. And if your wardrobe is full of fanciful outifts, you know you can go crazy with it.

Choose what works for you

What you like to wear everyday is the best indicator of your style. If you don’t like lace, look for a smooth dress. A wedding should emphasize your beauty and personality.


How to choose the right cut?

Find your size


Our wedding dresses are available in all standard sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 Our dresses are ideally suited to the European market. If you are small and usually choose 34, then you will also be satisfied with this size from us.


All our dresses are the same length. It is definitely easier to shorten the dress than to lengthen it, so our items are also suitable for taller ladies – 176cm tall + 10cm high heel. If necessary, you will surely find a tailor that will perfectly shorten the dress according to your height and footwear.

Sizing chart

Measure all the following places on your body. The size chart shows the assumed sizes in a given place, not the dimensions of the products as made. Dimensions of the products depend on the dress, so you will also find the dimensions of each piece in specific places.


Try it on and ask around

Consult a trusted tailor about adjustments

Our dresses are available to order, so you can enjoy your dress almost immediately. We know that a perfect fit will allow you to enjoy its perfection, so we recommend consultation with a trusted tailor to discuss the possibility of adapting the dress to your figure. Perhaps minor adjustments will be needed to make you feel perfect.

What makes us different from bridal salons

Just like in the bridal salons, our wedding dresses are sewn in standard sizes. Other establishments customize the dresses with their own tailors, while with us you will be able to customize them locally with your trusted tailor when you pick up the package. This way you can return the dress before its final fitting, if its appearance does not meet your expectations. Moreover, you do not have to travel to another city for the fittings, and your dress will be much cheaper than one from a bridal salon.


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